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Pilar Hidalgo Lim

Pilar Hidalgo Lim

Finding a need for a cooler area where Girl Scouts could go camping during the hot summer months, the Girl Scouts of the Philippines, led by then National President Mrs. Pilar Hidalgo Lim, took the opportunity offered by a Central Board member, Mrs. Virginia O. de Guia, a realtor of Baguio City. A parcel of land situated at 6 South Drive, Baguio City was available.

In three months, the GSP officials – National President Pilar Hidalgo Lim, Chief Scout and Building Chairman Mrs. Concepcion R. Gonzalez, National Treasurer Mrs. Maria Kalaw Katigbak and National Executive Director Miss Mariquita S. Castelo – completed the negotiations, ocular inspections, and investigations on the ownership and status of the said property offered.

The GSP Central Board at its November 29, 1958 meeting approved the purchase of the new campsite in Baguio City. The property was then registered in the name of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines on February 18, 1959.

Gene de Guia

Virginia O. de Guia

Subsequently, the adjacent lot owned by the popular movie couple, Rogelio and Carlota (Delgado) dela Rosa , a 3-storey log cabin building and other improvements were purchased on June 3, 1959.

These two newly-acquired properties with a total area of 5,182 square meters became the original GSP National Campsite in Baguio City.

Aside from serving as a National Campsite, this new acquisition was targeted for use also as a Training Center. The following first training courses were conducted here on October 25-28, 1959:

• Brownie Course for Leaders
• Local Council Course for Council Members
• Campers Permit
• Campcraft for Leaders

Additions and Improvements

On December 5, 1961 , Mr. Carlos J. Valdes owner of the adjacent properly executed a Deed of Sale in favor of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines for the adjoining lot, a log cabin building with other improvements. The lot with the building and other improvements were registered first in the name of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines on December 18, 1961.
At present, as the incumbent Chairman of the “Friends of Ating Tahanan”, Mrs. Teresita Bermudez Choa, GSP Life Member, has completed the restoration of the Guest House I and the Guest House II. She has donated her time and personal resources to refurbish all the rooms and provide furniture, kitchen equipment, artwork and accessories. She has made sure that Function Areas are in place to accommodate seminars, workshops, meetings and retreats.

Today, Ating Tahanan is a landmark in Baguio City. It sits proudly on prime land at 6 South Drive amidst stately, tall pine trees and Baguio blooms such as the everlasting, poinsettias, anthuriums, star clusters, bougainvillas, bromiliads, salvias, marguerites, honeysuckles, orchids, cosmos, roses, petunias and begonias.

Ating Tahanan welcomes Girl Scouts, their relatives and friends to take advantage of this home away from home and enjoy the scenic beauty of Baguio City, the fresh mountain air, the pungent smell of pine trees, the juicy red strawberries, the fresh Baguio vegetables and the beautiful flowers that are especially exhibited in Baguio City’s annual Floral Parade – Panagbenga – held in February.