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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to be a GSP member to stay at Ating Tahanan? Is Ating Tahanan exclusive for GSP events?

NO. We welcome ALL guests at Ating Tahanan. However, we give priority to GSP events.

How early do I need to make a reservation?
No specific time is required. However, for big groups and/or events, we encourage an early reservation for facilities to be prepared.
What services does Ating Tahanan offer? (e.g. interntet, telephone)
  • Accommodation (Private Rooms and Dormitory Rooms)
  • Food/Catering Services (upon request)
  • Kitchen Amenities
  • Hall Amenities for events
  • Televisions available at the common areas ONLY
  • WiFi Connection is available in each guest house
Do I need to have a referral from a GSP member before I can make reservations?
No, but for first time guests, we would appreciate a referral from a GSP member.
Is public transportation readily available?
Taxis are available anytime. However, jeepney transportation is scarce after 08:00 PM.

Rates are EXCLUSIVE of meals. However, food services are offered upon request and at a minimum number for 20 people only.

Is there a minimum number of days of stay?

Since GSP Ating Tahanan National Program and Training Center cater primarily to GSP events and activities, we try to limit the stay of guests unless no GSP activities have been scheduled.

Are there any age restrictions at Ating Tahanan?
No, but children should always be under supervision of parents or guardians. (NOTE: Standard rates are applicable to children 9 years old and above.)
To make use of function halls for events, do accommodation and food services have to be availed?
We cater to BOTH stay-in and stay-out events.
Will my belongings be safe at Ating Tahanan?
There are guard/s on-duty 24/7. However, guests should be mindful of basic security measures. Valuables should not be left unattended. Ating Tahanan will not be responsible for any loss due to carelessness.
When staying at Ating Tahanan, are curfews observed?
Guards and office personnel should be informed of any late errands outside the center. We observe silence at 10:00 PM in respect for other guests.
What restrictions does Ating Tahanan implement?
  • NO Carrying of firearms or deadly weapons
  • NO Drinking liquor
  • NO Gambling and doing drugs
  • NO Washing or ironing of clothes inside the rooms
  • NO Eating or cooking inside the rooms
  • NO Littering
  • NO Pets allowed
Am I entitled to a discount if I am a GSP member?
We honor discounts for GSP members as subject to present policies and standards.