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About Us

The Ating Tahanan National Program and Training Center of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines is a stone’s throw away from the bustling commercial section of the clean and green City of Baguio. It lies cozily between tall pine trees, hedges, and showy clusters of sweet-smelling flowers.

Servicing thousands of Girl Scouts since 1959, the center was conceived to have a conducive place for program and training activities of Girl Scouts during summer. As the needs of the girls and trainers become more demanding, the center was expanded and improvements were made.

The center, with special facilities such as picture windows, fireplaces, hot and cold water, car park and coffee nooks, has three guesthouses which can accommodate 100 persons, and three dormitory-type rooms which can meet the needs of 50. It has a conference hall, good for 150, with a secretariat room and sound system. The grounds offer an ampitheater, a campfire area and an activity area. The dining hall, furnished according to request, can be used by 100 persons.

The relevant features and panoramic gardens of Ating Tahanan are ideal not only during summer but also during the rainy days.